Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows, 3-50 users\2 years Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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< b > Dr.Web® (Anti-virus + anti-spyware) detects and disinfects < /b > * Mass-mailing worms * E-mail viruses * Peer-to-peer viruses * Internet worms * File viruses * Trojans * Stealth viruses* Polymorphic viruses * Bodiless viruses * Macro viruses * MS Office viruses * Script viruses * Spyware * Spybots * Password stealers * Paid Dialers * Adware * Riskware* Hacktools * Backdoors * Keyloggers* Joke programs * Malicious scripts * Other malware* < b > Key benefits < /b > • Computer resources-friendly - perfect for laptops, ideal for notebooks

• Can be installed on the already infected machine and can cure the infected system

• Correctly checks on-the-fly incoming\outgoing e-mails via POP3/SMTP/IMAP/NNTP

• Protects against spyware/adware/riskware/hacker tools/paid dialers

• Very frequent updates of virus bases – up to several times per hour! < b > Key features < /b > • Dr.Web Anti-virus is one of the most resources-friendly anti-virus programs and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows, beginning from Windows 95 OSR2 and to Windows XP Professional. The distribution of Dr.Web is the smallest of all leading anti-viruses – around 9MB, just 12-15 MB of free space is required after installation! Dr.Web saves and never overloads computer resources which makes it indispensable in outdated computers of older generations.

• Dr.Web protects computers from any kinds of malicious codes, it is unsurpassed in detection and curing of polymorphic viruses.

• Only Dr.Web can be installed on the already infected computer and can cure it without any additional utilities! During the installation the main computer memory and startup files are scanned. During the installation phase, there is an option of updating Dr.Web virus bases with the hottest add-ons to the virus base, which takes just a few seconds.

• Only Dr.Web can detect and neutralize viruses existing in main computer memory and never met in form of files, such as Slammer and CodeRed

The Anti-virus’ default settings, deeply thought over by its developers, allow to enjoy comprehensive anti-virus protection from the moment Dr.Web is installed. Various advanced settings for experienced users allow to specify different actions for all types of malicious programs, to select separate files, directories, drives or all hard drives for scanning. If necessary, a user can suspend scanning. The flexibility of settings allows users to adjust the speed of the anti-virus scanning. < b > SpIDer Guard® resident monitor < /b > intercepts all calls to files on diskettes, drives, CD-ROMs, Flash-cards and smart-cards preventing penetrations of malicious codes into computers. SpIDer Guard’s driver is highly resistible to external attempts to block its action, for example to stop its functioning by a specially designed malicious program.

SpIDer Guard is a powerful tool for constant monitoring of virus activity. Flexible settings of SpIDer Guard without reboot allow to customize anti-virus protection according to customer’s needs – taking into account computer’s capacity and potentially dangerous sources of penetrations of ill-intended programs. SpIDer Guard, being designed as a Windows services, enables system administrators to restrict access of users to modification of the guard’s settings, which is important for corporate networks, where company security policies must be strictly observed. < b > Mail protection – POP3/SMTP/IMAP/NNTP filtering on-the-fly < /b > SpIDerMail® monitor scans incoming and outgoing e-mails on-the-fly before a message is received by the mail client. The function of virus activity control in SpIDer Mail allows to block suspicious actions peculiar to mass mailing worms. Experienced users can manually set up hooks of ports used for processing of mail traffic. < b > Scheduling updates and scanning < /b > Dr.Web Scheduler allows to flexibly set the frequency of updates and regular scannings of hard drives.

o Virus bases updates and program upgrades

o The updates are fully autom

Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows, 3-50 users\2 years  Free Download screenshot